Thursday, April 23, 2009

May Daze - Promo Materials Instructions

Hi Quiltsy!!

For those who want to cross-promote, I have developed a set of code & instructions for you. You can then decide what promo materials you want, and add the appropriate code to your blog or web page. Here are the different elements:

1. The Promo Badge
You can add this code to get a graphic that is very similar to the first image in our video, which links to the team Quiltsy page.

2. The Promo Video

There are 5 videos to choose from. You can decide which video you want to promote with. Each video has a different set of shops and music.
Video 1: ForQuiltsSake, brenniequilts, cyndesplace, DebiDesigns, DownHomeDesigns, downthestreet, FabricsAndQuilts, cachecreekquilts
Video 2: QuiltDream, AndrusGardensQuilts, QuiltSewPieceful, RainbowDreamBabies, DownHomeDesigns
Video 3: Bonbonsandmore, ForFabricsSake,KimsCraftyApple, Kristinquilts, NeedleLove2, OriginalsbyLauren, QuiltsbyBarb, Whimbrella
Video 4a: kimbuktu, LoveBugStudios, PamelaQuilts
Video 5: AndrusGardensArt, QuiltingFrenzy, theduchesscollection, uniquelynancy, warmnfuzzies

3. The article
There is code for the finalized article - if you want it to be a blog post you just have to cut & paste the code in the HTML for the post. Alternatively you can link to the final article when it is posted here.
4. YouTube
In addition, I have a YouTube channel, LoveBugStudios, so if you would rather embed the video as a post instead of a widget, you can do that too.
5. Others
Feel free to Twitter, Squiddoo, dance, holler, whatever. You can start promoting anytime you are ready!

So... to get all this fabulous info, you need to follow these instructions:

A. Click the big picture that says "Download file." You will be taken to a site called "FileDropper."
B. In the middle of a page is a button that says "Download this File." Click it.
C. You will have to type in a word verification to make sure you are human. Type the letters shown and click "Download now."
D. You will get a pop-up window that prompts you to open or Save. Save the file to your hard drive.
E. Navigate to where you downloaded it, open the file, and follow the instructions to add the items to your sites.

Thanks everyone!!! Please let me know if you have issues!

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