Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sixty-Seven Quilts Delivered!

Wow!  The Quiltsy Team really came through with SIXTY SEVEN donated handmade quilts for the victims of the Tennessee fire.  Forty-three people signed up to send a quilt (or more) and the final count truly eclipsed all expectations. There are baby quilts, lap quilts and full sized quilts ... there are bright quilts and some in subdued colours ... some quilts are fuzzy flannel and others are smooth cotton ... and they all come with a warm hug from the person who made it.

The Quiltsy Team is a group of quilters who sell their handmade quilts on and when one of our team members alerted us to the plight of the victims of a forest fire in Tennessee, many wanted to send comfort to them.

The sixty-seven quilts filled the backseat of Jennifer and Lynn's car for delivery on Friday.
They were delivered to a distribution centre that has been set up for the fire victims.

Jennifer tells us that the people there were so excited to receive the quilts and that the manager and helpers came out with shopping carts to help unload the quilts. They began sorting them as soon as they got them into the building.

The quilts will be distributed to those still recovering from losing their homes and belongings in the fire that swept down on the town of Gaitlinburg, Tennessee just over two months ago.  The volunteers at the centre told Jennifer that the quilts will all be distributed within a day or two.  There were people there receiving assistance at the time of the drop off and it seemed to be a very well run centre with cheerful volunteers helping people. 

Thank you so much to all of those who donated quilts to help these people.  They are truly grateful and wanted us to pass along those thanks to you. Special thanks to Susi for making the hang tags for all the quilts and to Jennifer's husband, Lynn, who contributed so much time and energy to help accomplish this.

Now look at all those boxes and bags to go to recycling  . . .

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Quilts are Piling Up

How many quilts have we collected for Tennessee fire victims?  Well, you'll have to wait just a few more days to find out . . .but here is a clue . . .
Our Quiltsy Team member, Jennifer, has been receiving the donated quilts from teamies all across the US and beyond.  Fortunately, she had an almost empty closet to put them in ... just look at all those boxes that are full of quilts!

The quilts will be delivered later this week and, at that time, we will reveal just how many quilts were collected ... because ... Quiltsy Cares!