Saturday, September 12, 2015

Quiltsy Team September Promotion

Some members of the Quiltsy Team are participating in a "hearting" promotion this month. We were all given the opportunity to sign up for this promotion and over sixty shops are participating.

Participants were divided into groups of two or three shops and assigned a day of the month when all other participants view and heart ten items from each of those shops.  It means that we are getting more items out to the wider Etsy community and reaping the potential of exposure to new customers.

These are the rules for the current promotion. . .
Here is what you do each day of the promotion: Monday thru Friday during September .....
1) Click on the first SHOP on the list for that day. (The list is on page one of the chat thread)
2) Click to VIEW one of the Featured Items (top row), un-heart if necessary, then re-heart. Close that item.
3) Repeat for all the featured items
4) Repeat for 6 more items or enough to make a total of 10 for that shop.

Do these steps for the other shops listed for that day.
If you miss a day, you MUST make it up later in the week or on the weekend.

Thanks to Pat of PatsPassionQuilteds for organizing this. There's sure to be another promotion opportunity coming up so keep your eyes peeled on the chat thread so that you can be part of it.

Yea, Quiltsy Team!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Quiltsy and Forbes Magazine

You might never think of our little team of Quiltsy being included in an article in Forbes Magazine, but that is just what happened a week ago! Forbes Magazine ran an article about Etsy celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The article was about the ten most notable successes. The #2 success was about the connections withing Etsy-aka teams. Within this paragraph the Quitsy Team is highlighted about the Quiltsy Cares Promotion we had in March where we did 31 days of donating quilts to various charities and organizations. This was a great recognition for the Quiltsy Team, and showed how caring and team work could make a difference. And how a group of people who have never met and live all over the world can come together to make something wonderful happen.

If you would like to see this article:

Written by Pat Young of PatsPassionQuilteds, Quiltsy Team member since May 2011.

Friday, June 5, 2015

And The Winner Is.........

All the Quiltsy Team members commented that they had a hard time voting because of all the wonderful quilts that were submitted. I am sure that everyone else felt the same way. I voted, but was torn between several because of the creativity and diversity of the quilts. But of course you voted, and we do have a winner. The winner of our Quiltsy Team Kaleidoscope Challenge is Sally Manke of Sally Manke with her beautiful quilt. Sally wins a FQ bundle for making first place.

The 2nd place winner is Jane of MulberryPatchQuilts.  Jane won 6 FQ's for a second place win for her gorgeous quilt. 

And finally, our third place winner is Sue Waldrep of Quiltsbysuewaldrep. Sue wins a charm pack for her 3rd place win for her wonderful quilt.

 Congratulations to these three and to the other 6 members who entered our challenge. They are all winners as for as I am concerned.