Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

Yea tax season is over for another year so as of Monday I’ve been able to spend some time in my sewing room.

I’ve been saying for years how I should make myself an apron. I wear one every time I cook or wash dishes. It’s an easy item to make, over the years I’ve even given them as gifts. So on Monday I did just that. I chose a flower print in some of my favorite colors. I made a pattern from an old purchased apron, and now I have a brand new apron. I think I’ll wear it on Easter.

            photo (67)

            photo (77)  

On Tuesday I spent a little time organizing my WIPs. Since I finally raised my cutting table to the proper height there’s lots of room underneath for storage. Now all I need is for the project containers I want from Joann to go on sale! The idea is to have things so organized it helps me to move my WIPs to the finished category. Hope it works!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

This week I’m busy doing this!


So I don’t have much time for this!

     TOTES 059

I hope to be back next week with a few finishes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

Are you doing any Spring cleaning? No, not the floors, windows and carpet kind. The sewing room kind. Maybe your room looks like this.


What a mess! This is what my cutting table looked like while I was in the middle of Spring cleaning, maybe not so much cleaning as organizing. I think everything looks nice and neat now. Although as you can see I really need a fabric diet!

         House 025

I repurposed a never used toothbrush holder.


And organized the pins on a cake plate I purchased from the thrift store.

         Sewing Room Pics 010

I also bought another container for my thread.

        Essentials Thread

Now I’m all ready to spend some quality time in my sewing room!

Well tell me, have you been Spring cleaning?