Quiltsy Team is an international group of etsy sellers of quilts, quilted items and fibre art. They are dedicated to creating and selling quality handmade quilted items and to support one another in that goal. Begun by a small group of etsy quilters in 2007, the team now numbers over 370. In 2009 Quiltsy was commissioned by etsy to design and create a set of massive quilts for the new etsy headquarters. Over the past 5 years, Quiltsy Team has participated in several other group projects including a quilt for cancer awareness (the "Bra Quilt") and the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt" now available for purchase from the Team Shop.


Ellen Richman said...

I am looking for someone to help me with design tips and final sewing construction of a kind of wild style mixed art media quilt - plus a steampunk bent with use of embellishments and a few key words and phrases added in the right places. Oh - and the background for the quilt should be black! I have Multiple Sclerosis and my English professor in college from 30 years ago has stayed in touch and given me much encouragement during the course of my illness. He recently had a wonderful vacation in Germany with his 17 year old granddaughter...who will soon be off to college herself and following her own life. Ed, my old professor, was an only child and his mother left behind some beautiful handmade quilts and pillows, many of which he still uses every day. The last piece she was working on is a queen size piece of light fabric with large fist-sized roses carefully embroidered in outline. All in evenly and well-spaced rows covering the sheet. Not sure how she intended to use this embroidered sheet of roses. But we had the idea of making a quilt for Ed's granddaughter that would incorporate his mother's last work with "fabric art" memories (and numerous photo guides) of their trip to Germany. The grandmother's work is a world apart from the granddaughters funky style. So my first idea was to put the embroidered piece as the underside and the Germany vacation with granddaughter Darby designs on the top of the quilt. We also thought of cheating and adding all these things to ready made blanket or comforter. But I am thinking if I have help sewing, the roses could be cut apart and added into the design on top (because might not be comfortable or practical or aesthetically pleasing underneath). Still no firm decisions. I am fairly accomplished with free hand drawing and envision a series of free style "scenes" depicting each major location they visited (7-10?). Each scene would capture in fabric form (1) Background: an iconic building such as an ancient castle or cathedral, (2) Midground: little Ed and/or Darby figures engaging in characteristic activities such as walking on streets, sitting at open air cafes, climbing steep hill to castle, riding in train, etc., and (3) Foreground: some item or object to represent a memorable incident that occurred or just anything that really stood out in a given locale. (1) The background would be a bottom layer of fabric for the scene and would be rather large - showing the rough shape of a specific building with minimal detail. (2) The middle layer would be constructed of smaller figures and location details - maybe 2/3 overlapping the background building. (3) a large, puffy,fairly detailed applique of a significant item - placed kind of below and ahead of the scene - perhaps grazing the bottom. (4) Descriptive words and phrases swirling around where appropriate (e.g, names of buildings, German names for items sayings, etc.).
Thanks! Ellen R. Email:ERsearch63@gmail.com I AM IN OVER MY HEAD SEWING IT! HELP!

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