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"Our purpose as a team is to support, encourage, inform, and enjoy each others company. Our goals are to promote our quilting businesses, to share our experience and knowledge with each other, so that we might grow as individual artisans and as a quilting community."

Before you apply to be a Quiltsy Team member we ask that you read through our team rules, and make sure your shop qualifies. If you feel that your shop qualifies and you agree to our team rules please apply on our Team Page at etsy with the following information:

Your Name:

Shop Name:

E-mail address:

Date you opened your shop:

Have you read and do you agree to follow the team rules?

After you have applied, our Membership Committee will review your shop and confirm that it conforms to our rules. (Note there may be a delay in response, depending on where your application falls in the submission cycle.) Once approved, you'll become a full Quiltsy member. You'll be expected to participate in the team thread on the Etsy Forums at least once a month. We encourage you to read the thread and get to know our current members and allow us to get to know you so we can all work together to accomplish our goals.

Quiltsy members are committed to the art of quilting and to belonging to an active, supportive team whose goal is to make and sell quality quilts and quilted items.

Quiltsy Team Membership Rules
(as of 2013)

In order to be an approved team member you must:

1. Must be an active seller for three months before joining (no sales required). Must have 3 quilted items listed in shop. New members need to show they will be active participants and will be able to continue their shops.

2. Must have a complete profile, policies and location including city and state (US), and country (if outside US).

3. Must participate in team chat thread at least once a month and post at least once in monthly check-in thread.

4. Must maintain at least 3 (or more) quilted items ready for sale in shop at all times. These must be made by the shop owner or a close relative. Vintage quilts or quilts being resold for craft purposes do not qualify. (Exceptions made for extraordinary circumstances, vacations, illness, etc) Definition of quilted: made of two layers of fabric stitched together with a padding held in place with decorative stitching by hand or machine. Includes bed coverings, wall hangings, purses, bags, table coverings, pillow coverings, postcards and cases of all types. Quilts without batting, such as cathedral window, yo-yo quilts, crazy quilts and summer quilts are also acceptable as long as they are quilted - not just two layers of fabric edgestitched together.
*the membership committee reserves the right to make a final determination on the issue if there is a question on suitability or quality of items.

5. Must comply with all Etsy TOUs

6. Must provide a working e-mail and agree to receive group e-mail from quiltsy team.

7. Must participate in at least one team activity during a calendar year. This may be a promotion, swap, challenge, blog article, Buddy, other project, etc.

8. Must use appropriate tagging. Only Quilted items are to be tagged Quiltsy Team. All other items may be tagged QTM (quiltsy team member). Only items in approved Quiltsy shops may be tagged Quiltsy Team.

Any approved team member who is not following team rules will be warned and moved to a probation list. If they do not comply during the three months of probation they will be removed from the membership list permanently. Only members in good standing are allowed to participate in team swaps.