Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Comfort of a Quilt

Personally, I'm fairly new to the quilting community. I started quilting about 3 years ago as a stress relief. I kept quilting because I became fascinated with how personal quilts could be in our lives. They hold so many memories for us and can be so symbolic. I explored this idea in an article I wrote for the Storque on Etsy, The Story of Quilts.

Of course, anything can become personal for us, can carry our memories, but I was surprised in my research at how deeply and universally quilts have achieved this. What is it that makes quilts so much more universally personal to us than other handmade things like pottery, clothing, paintings?

I think it's because they are so universally comfortable and cozy. They warm us. They comfort us. They feel good. We cuddle up with them when we're alone and need to not feel so alone...and we cozy up under them with the ones we love--our children, our boyfriends, our grandmothers. Try doing that with a pot.

Image: "Blanket for Dolly" Mini Art Quilt from Shelece.

Quiltsy has so many quilts to offer for you to cozy up with to help you get warm and comfy and make memories. At least that's why I'm here...why are you here? What do quilts mean for you?


Attack of the Vintage said...

I am fairly new to quilting too. I started in 2004 and soon found out that art quilting was my calling. So I suppose my quilts are not exactly the cuddle kind. However, perhaps the finished piece will be smiles and enjoyment to the viewer.

I have a love for the fabrics that transform into a life of their own when they are combined and quilted. I can't help myself from gently feeling the quilted piece, there is something about the tactile sensation that is so comforting.

I have hand quilted a few bigger quilts, still smaller than bed size. In 2007 I got into making quilted fabric postcards, aceo's, and bookmarks because of the instant gratification I needed that the hand quilting didn't allow. I also made a few small machine quilted pieces too.

In 2008 I plan on exploring more with my quilting. I feel that my quilting will be taking a new direction. Stay Tuned!

Quiltsy said...

I think art quilts are cuddley for the eyes, attack of the vintage!

Any visual artist tries to put a visual texture into their art and art quilts have that texture built right in...and they are so hard not to touch! But even by looking, I think art quilts still communicate the comfort of the fabric and the softness of the batting and all the sense memories that come with them!

I look forward to see what you do with your beads!

Pamela said...

I have been sewing since I was old enough to hold a needle, but didn't get into quilting until I was pregnant with our fourth daughter. I totally fell in love with the art, the precision of the piecing, the relaxation of the hand stitching, and the permanence of the efforts I was making. If I finished two blocks yesterday, I would still have those two blocks today (something not often found in the life of a person with 4 children under the age of 5!)

Quilting appeals to the mathematical side of my brain, and the fabric to my tactile senses, the color, the feel, the smell - I love it all!

I have recently discovered machine quilting after making a name for myself locally as an excellent hand quilter. I turned to using my machine to quilt to keep up with my vast supply of quilt tops - I love to piece! I found that I also enjoy the feel and rhythm of machine quilting - the creation of a unique design on the top by just doodling on fabric makes me feel like I really can create art.

I am planning on working on creating more original patterns to share this year, and doing some miniature pieces. I am also working on a project for my daughters, I would like each of them to have a scrap quilt of their own to enjoy.

marion said...

I make quilt art. I admit, you can't cuddle up underneath it, but it brings warmth to the soul.

Precious Quilts said...

I have been quilting for many years.... at first believed that all quilts should be made entirely by hand no matter what size! I still have some of my early quilts. However, a few years ago I realised that I really did not have the time to do all by hand. So, now my machine does my work for me:)

Also, although I do the occasional large quilt, I tend to concentrate on baby quilts. Just recently, I have branched out to experiment with art quilts and will try ACEO's too for instant gratification.

Quilts are special to me since I put all my soul into them and therefore hope that the recipient can feel the love and make themselves cosy as they wrap themselves in one of my quilts.

Quilts are made of memories too. What about a scrap quilt made of vintage fabrics? I especially, love the vintage Laura Ashley fabrics which are lovely in baby quilts.

2008 will be my experimental year so watch this space!

For Quilts Sake said...

I took shop class in middle school so I wouldn't have to learn how to sew! I made my first quilt in 2001 and I just can't stop. Now I have a whole room just for sewing and storing fabric. I have more ideas than I can possibly make and I'm looking forward to experimenting in 2008.

Most of what I make are wall hangings, but early on I did make a queen-sized quilt for our bed and a flannel quilt to snuggle up with on the couch.