Saturday, January 12, 2008

Quiltsy Shop: Artmixter

Marion is a Scottish artist living and working in Norfolk, UK. Like many women, she began sewing when her son was born, and was introduced to patchwork by a local artist. She loves working with colour,and after making a few bed quilts, turned to art quilting. She's currently working a lot with lutradur, a non-woven industrial fabric that is semi-transparent, and writing a book on using lutradur in textile art with a friend and colleague from Australia, Dijanne Cevaal. She dyes and paints her own cloth, and to use in her work as well as selling it in her shop.

Marion opened her Etsy shop in September 2007, and has found it to be a great, supportive, and enthusiastic community. She says that the best piece of advice anyone gave her when she started on Etsy was to be patient...and it certainly has paid off!

She enjoys quilting because it is a wonderful means of self-expression. Marion is fascinated by colour, layers and textures, and most of her work includes that, whether it is a quilt or a painting. She encourages everyone not to be afraid of their own creativity: "Lots of people say, oh, I wish I could make the kind of things you do...but I'm not creative. I say that's just not true; we are all creative! Making your first art quilt might be scary...but it's also great fun! Just choose a topic, and dive right in! Make something small...and if you don't like it, you could always cut it up and make fabric postcards with it, or inchies... and start again. Nothing is ever lost when you're working with cloth, it can always be recycled!"

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Attack of the Vintage said...

Wonderful job on this article about Marion and her art. She is a fabulous artist, is so helpful and friendly. I am so glad to have come across her in the street teams and forums.

marion said...

Thank you for featuring me here!

Purple Missus said...

Fascinating to read all this about Marion. She is a fabulous artist and a really lovely person.