Friday, March 14, 2008

Quiltsy Shop: Oh This Nose!

This week, I'm pleased to present to you Jeanne, the genius behind the shop, Oh This Nose! I'll let Jeanne share her creative quilting mind in her own words:

"In the early nineties I went to a one-woman quilt show in Vancouver, WA. The woman was 100 years old and she had 100 quilts displayed in the show, most of which were very large and hand quilted. This impressive show inspired me to become a quilter. I started slow, teaching myself and later took some basic classes. I joined the guild where this woman was a member and for her birthdays, 100 to 105, the guild celebrated and honored her, and each year she brought her latest quilt to show the group and everyone gave her more fabric!

"I moved from Vancouver to Eugene, Oregon eight years ago. Quilting is everywhere. I continue to quilt, but have not kept track of how many quilts I have made. Recently I retired, so now I devote more time to quilting. I have begun to design my own work and find myself going in many directions at once. It will be interesting for me to see where this new vocation goes. I have no specific plans, lots of ideas and am making an effort to be free of expectations, goals, schedules, etc. However, I believe that every child should have cozy quilts to cuddle with, especially in this age of hardware.

"I like to work with fabrics that I find in bargain bins, second hand stores, estate sales and other thrifty alternative vendors. My family name is Scottish and means “working with cloth”. Using up every leftover piece of fabric that a friend or family member gives me is a challenge that I embrace. Selling on Etsy is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people, some of whom communicate about my work and others who flatter me with their purchases. Having overloaded my home, family and friends with things I sew, Etsy has provided me a whole new frontier.

"I wanted to send along a helpful hint and have been racking by brain. So here is a try. I like having a project to work on wherever I am, so there are many projects going at once. I keep a handwork project in a zip-lock bag, or fancier container with the thread, needles, thimble, etc. that I need, so that I can grab it to take to a meeting, car trip or to visit a friend. If the event is boring, I can sew, if not, that is ok too. This Little Fans quilt below was one of these projects. I carried it around for a couple of years before it was ready to be completed."

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