Monday, July 14, 2008

Quiltsy group on Treasury (or not!)

Etsy's treasury had an interesting meltdown today, which caused a lot of quiltsy members to lose their lists! It would have been interesting had we all gotten a Treasury list because I think there were at least 5 of us trying! Oh well, there will be plenty of lists another day.

Tomorrow is the final day for members to sign up for the block swap. Currently we have 11 signed up and are planning to make two blocks for each one. If we get more swappers we will cut down to one each, so we won't have to make so many blocks. We are making 6" finished size green and blue blocks. This is for fun, not to be judged so all are welcome!

If you would like to be an author on this blog and are a quiltsy member, please convo Pamelaquilts on Etsy and I will be glad to send you an invitation. The more the merrier!

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