Sunday, July 27, 2008

A truck drivin crude oil haulin quilting mama!

You know the stereotype of a quilter - an old granny with her hair in a bun and a neat and tidy housedress sitting at the frame hand quilting? Well, here is today's quilter - a truck drivin', crude-oil haulin', quiltin' mama! Or other-wise known as Monika of QuiltLover.

In her own words, taken from her profile one Etsy:

"Hello, My name is Monika and I am a Quilt Lover. I started quilting in the 1980's and pursued it as a hobby. Since retiring from long haul truck driving in Nov. 2006 I became more serious about my hobby and I am now busy making quilts and establishing my business as a Long-Arm Quilter with my APQS Freedom. I have 3 very serious Fans which are welcome in my Studio anytime, there is an 8lb TerriPoo named Peaches, a Chinese Crested Powderpuff named Phayzer and the cutest little Miss Molly, a 5 month old Border Terrier Mix. Their unconditional Love and Trust makes every day a special day.

We are going back to driving on a part time basis with Hubby. We will be working one week and home one week, hauling crude oil from the leases in the fields of northern Alberta to a distribution center in Saskatchewan. It will be a team operation once again and I am looking forward to yet another challenge in my life, hauling "super B" tankers!The puppies will come with us, thankfully we'll be in a truck only for 7 days!"

For all I know her hair is in a bun under her hard hat, but I hardly think she is your average quilter!

Here is one of my favorite's currenty in her shop:
Hope you've enjoyed this peek into the life of a quilter today!


Jabaro said...

Yeah Monika, you rock!!!!

kimbuktu said...

This is a delight! Worthy of a Storque article or featured seller for sure. So glad to show the world we are not all the stereotype quilting ladies. Great job Monika and Pamela!

Quiltlover said...

What a riot....Thank you so very much. Thank you Pamela.

Tiffany said...

Very cool story. Great idea and cute pups, too.

Van Fleet Street Design said...

Nice feature!

Debbie said...

I love it! Monika your so cool. Why do you live so far from me?
My hubby drag races! Um I'm not as interesting as you, bah!


FabricsNQuilts said...

How Awesome! Great article! I agree with kimbuktu...a definite storque article!

DownHome Designs said...

Monika, I LOVE this article! Thank you for sharing your story. I agree with Kym, this is worthy of being in Storque or as a featured seller at the very least! You are one awesome woman...a great example for all of us!