Monday, August 4, 2008

And the Award for Smallest Studio goes to...

Who else? Postcardlady! Barbara lives in central west florida, about as far away from Quilt lover as you can get and be in the USA.

She lives in a tiny travel trailer about 10 x 28.
In her own words:

"The bedroom had 4 bunk beds, I took out one set and put a folding table in for my machine, and have stacks of clear tubs for fabric etc. all around." "I store my made items and some supplies in the top bunk over mine." "My kitchen table is also my cutting table and shipping department."
"I am a proud mother of one daughter, I have 2 grand daughters, and one great grand daughter. I have retired, except I work part time 16 hours a week at a pest company.

I enjoy designing and creating, sewing and quilting. When I made gifts for family and friends, they asked me to make gifts for their friends. I am so happy to be able to share what I love to do with folks online.

I am known at the local shows as "The Postcard Lady." I am also a member of the local quilting guild here, and have taught some classes on making quilted fabric postcards. I love playful art."

Wasn't that a neat studio tour? She may qualify for the largest studio also, because her whole house is her sewing space! Check out her darling work, it's no wonder she makes such cute little cards working in her cute little space.


kimbuktu said...

I love seeing your space, thanks for sharing it with us. It is so orderly!

Debbie said...

fabulous introduction on our favorite postcardlady, postcardlady!

Anonymous said...

What a great feature! I will never, ever again complain about my lack of space :-)

Jabaro said...

Love your organization Barbara. Thanks for sharing your crafting life with everyone. Your pics are great!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Thanks so much for sharing that bit about yourself! :) It is so nice to put a face with the typing! It's great to "meet" you!
I hope that we can do more of these in the future!

Quiltlover said...

Nice to meet you Postcardlady, awesome organizational skills. What a nice place you have.

FabricsNQuilts said...

Great post! I love seeing the behind the scenes! Its awesome how organized you are.