Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Dump is No Place for a Quilt

Would you throw this quilt away? Someone did, but luckily it was spotted by someone else who understands the work and skill that went into creating it! For the rest of the story check out this article which was posted on our team thread today: Dump Quilts

I've seen lots of quilts in very poor condition, but would never, ever advise anyone to just throw one away! There are lots of projects you can make out of even the most worn and shabby quilt. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for preserving what can be preserved, but a threadbare and worn quilt can live a second or third life in another form also. They can be made into pillows, vests, teddy bears, coasters, the sky is the limit. If all else fails, I'm sure there is a crafter or quilter who would be more than happy to take that quilt and love it for the love that was put into it in the first place!


kimbuktu said...

Thanks for adding this wonderful story Pam.

Quilting Cafe said...

I agree with using quilts in a new and different way.

flowersbyfarha said...

Carpenters and quilters share the same "Measure twice, cut once" philosophy. With vintage items, perhaps add "Think twice."

I first ran into this dilemma years ago in costuming for dancing using Asuyte (a special cotton netting with strips of metal wrapped and hammered in patterns). At that time, the available pieces were expensive ($200 & up for a shawl) and the pieces were generally vintage. I was frustrated and disheartened by the number of dancers who would take a perfectly good piece and whack a hole in the middle to make a tunic. Repurposed, perhaps, but hardly "upcycled."

So, I developed the following list of questions which can apply to anything--especially vintage items-- under consideration for cutting:

Does the item have physical/structural integrity? (include stains) (ie, can it or would it still be used as is?)

Does it have aesthetic value as is?

Does it have historical value?

Does it have personal sentimental value (family heirloom?) ?

Could you make it into something more fabulous than it is now?

If you pretty much answer no, no, no, no, YES!

There's your answer!

Leah said...

I just bought a gorgeous old quilt at a junk sale for $10.00, I just had to have it!

rdrop said...

What a great story. Sometimes I have Opps on my quilts too... and I do feel like throwing it away but really the person it's going to won't mind. Thanks a bunch! ^_^

My Ladies Fine Designs said...

Old, worn out quilts are the best. It shows the were used and loved.Amazing story, thanks for posting it.

Audrey said...

That is an awesome quilt!! The nerve of some people. Come to my blog please and get your award!!