Sunday, March 22, 2009

Quiltsy May Daze Promotion May 10 - 16

We will be running a Scavenger Hunt / Word Scrabble Game in our shops the week of May 10-16.

Participating team members will be listed in the QuiltsyTeam shop during the promo so that game players can easily access their shops. Pam will be choosing quilty words and phrases for the scrabble part of the game, and shops will hide a designated symbol with one letter in a picture in their shop. The letter will be hidden in one of the side listings of an item, not the main picture to make the hunt a little harder. Players will find the letters by searching through our shops, put them together into words/phrases, and convo their guesses to the QuiltsyTeam shop(no quiltsy team members or their families may play). Winners will be drawn from the correct answers and prizes will be given.

Participating shops also run some kind of Promotion in their shop during this week, and Advertise the Scavenger Hunt on their blog, twitter, etc.

Shops that want to participate convo QuiltsyTeam by 4/1 with your commitment
[commitment means you will run a promo of your choosing during May 10-16, and that you will donate an item of no more than $10 to a gift basket. You will also hide a letter in one picture slot of one item in your shop.]

ForQuiltsSake will do the graphics for the letters & convo them to each participating shop. She will contact Pam for phrases (Pam will develop phrases after 4/1 participation deadline)

Lovebug will write an article for the Storque. She needs pics of donated items from each participating shop by 4/5. Pics should be on a white background. Donations can be listed with "Reserved for May Daze winner," or they do not have to be listed on Etsy at all. This is the shop owner's choice.

DebiDesigns will decide who sends donation to whom and will convo each participating shop with the info.

As AndrusGarden said in our forum thread: "... sounds like lots of fun, and a great way to get people poking in the corners of our shops."


If you have any questions, please convo the QuiltsyTeam Shop and one of us will get back to you.