Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Favorites: ACEOs

I've recently gotten turned on to ACEOs - art cards: editions and originals. These "cards" must be 2.5" x 3.5" but after that the skies the limit. This week I thought I'd find out what Quiltsy Team members are creating in mini-mini quilt ACEOs.

My first favorite is Beaded Tree by Kim's Crafty Apple. The embellishment with thread and bead work really makes this ACEO special.

Though Christmas is still thankfully 2 months away - wow ONLY two months! - another favorite is Santa with Two Tree Sweater from Sojourn Quilts. The fabric used is recycled - such detail in such a small size!

And, in honor of Halloween, the last Friday Favorite is Thoughtful Skeleton by Penny Fabric Art. I really couldn't pass this one up. It's got it all: an embroidered skeleton sitting in thoughtful introspection, a silk valence, and a satin rose on the included easel - all so very creative!
You can find more great ACEOs from these artists and other Quiltsy members by typing "Quiltsy ACEO" in the Etsy search field. Great examples of big creativity on a small scale.


sojournquilts said...

So kind of you to include one of my santa ACEOs. Much appreciated! Yay, Quiltsy! Love this team!

Sojourn Quilts

pennyfabricart said...

Thanks for including my ACEO! That was a fun little piece to make. (BTW, the rose is on the ACEO, not the easel)

Quiltsy is such a great team! Good luck to all with holiday sales :-)
-Lisa Penny