Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday's Favorite: Sieber Designs

With Hanukkah quickly approaching, I have been searching through Etsy for something lovely for my Jewish friends. In honor of the Festival of Lights, this Friday's Favorites is Sieber Designs and her gorgeous Jewish and Hanukkah inspired quilted art.

The Chai Floral Wall Hanging is a particular favorite of mine - beautiful colors and workmanship!

The Shalom Floral Wall Hanging would look divine hanging in any home. Her choice of colors and arrangement are just gorgeous!

And my final favorite from Sieber Designs is the Hanukkah Celebration Wall Hanging. It does indeed look like a celebration with the bright colors and fabulous designs!

You can find a quilted piece of artwork perfect for any holiday or occasion from other Quiltsy members like Sieber Designs by entering "Quiltsy" + [holiday/religion] in the Etsy search field.


Linda said...

These are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing.

tamdoll said...

Nice feature! Love the colors since they're more vibrant than what I usually see at this time of year for Chanukah.

Leslie Sirag said...

Lovely quilts, and ones I hadn't yet seen from my etsyChai teammate, Aviva Sieber.
Love the colors!

OliveStreetStudio said...

Very nice. I like the bright colors!!