Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt - Block NORTH 3

Block 3 of the North Row comes to us from southcentral Wisconsin. Kim of KimsCraftyApple tried out the 'wonky' technique for her pretty block.

Kim lives in a rural area just outside Madison, Wisconsin. She and her husband have an apple orchard business where folks can pick their own apples. Read more about the orchard's interesting history here.

In the county where Kim lives with her husband and two daughters, they are developing a "Barn Quilt Trail." Kim is excited that theirs is the second official barn quilt in the county.

Kim exhibits the current Sisterhood North Row with one of the two emus on the farm. She didn't say if it is the one named Mac or Tosh. Kim's mother-in-law acquired the two emus one day by trading their former owner 13 caramel apples and a sack of potatoes. The emus are mainly for the visitors to enjoy. They also have four goats, named Itsy, Zestar, Tree and Super April, along with two dogs and countless cats.

Kim is currently expecting her third daughter, due April 25th. She says she's nesting by quilting and currently has four quilt tops in the works. While researching Kim's area, I discovered that the Pleasant Company began there, original home of the American Girl dolls.

Be sure and check out the many fun items in Kim's shop.

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