Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt - Final Canadian Block NW-2

Just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, via Sky Train, you can discover the Royal City. New Westminster is where you'll find fiber artist Terry Aske of Terry Aske Art Quilts, the creator of Block NW-2 of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt Project.

The oldest city in western Canada, New Westminster was the capital of British Columbia between 1858-1866. Founded on a lofty hill where two branches of the Fraser River meet, New Westminster was chosen as much for the strategic value of its natural defenses as for the commercial potential of the area.
In 1859, New Westminster was the mainland berth for the fleet of sternwheelers that plied the waters between Victoria and yale, the starting point of the Cariboo Wagon Road. The young city saw much action and furious traffic and trade during the Gold Rush years.

Positioned at the hub of the Greater Vancouver network today, New Westminster is now a charming mix of old and new, with a picturesque waterfront and fabulous Victorian architecture -- a vibrant and progressive city with a community rich in tradition and respect for its heritage. Actor Raymond Burr is one of many New Westminster notables. Check out the live web cam here.

Terry's earliest creative memory is from making a mosaic from seeds and beans during kindergarten. Thus began her life-long quest to find the perfect medium with which to express herself. Over the years she has dabbled in such creative activities as beading, drawing, painting, knitting and sewing. Although all were enjoyable, they didn't hold her interest very long.

Then in 1998 a friend invited her to a one-day quilting course. Finally Terry found an artistic medium that fascinated and inspired her! She discovered the world of art quilts and now you can say the design and construction of fabric-based art has become Terry's passion.
A self-professed perfectionist by nature, Terry finds the precision demanded by the complex quilts she creates, combined with her passion for beautiful and vivid fabrics, makes art quilting the perfect outlet for her creativity.

Since 1998 Terry has completed more than 60 art quilts. Many of her quilts have been or are currently or about to be on exhibit in the US and Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting Terry last year when she flew to Houston to attend the International Quilt Festival. THREE of Terry's pieces were exhibited there at the world's largest quilt show.

Terry's goal is to continue to evolve as an artist and explore new subject matter and techniques in her art quilts. Terry is a founding member of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. Be sure and see some of Terry's beautiful work in her shop.

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