Thursday, March 22, 2012

Question of the Week 3/22

Thanks everyone that commented about their favorite magazines last week. There is just so much out there in print. So, let's build off that and talk the internet options.

What are two blogs/Web sites that you follow regularly?


Char said...

I have a few I read everyday,

Jerimi said...

Here are two that I hit a few times a week.

I love "Stitched in Color." She has really good tutorials, and I've participated in two of her QA. She always uses amazing color pairings, too, that just knock my socks off.

"Completely Cauchy" is another favorite, mainly because of her love (and use!) of scraps. Link below goes directly to her scrappy post.

Magpie Quilts said...

Like Char, I like and another one that I follow is

teachpany said...

Blogs? I have a few. Patchwork Times, Jo's Country Junction, SewFun Quilts, SewCal Gal. Websites I follow are mostly for inspiration and to look at fabrics. United Notions, Quilt In A Day, and Etsy are some of my favorites.

quiltytherapy said...

Thanks everyone. I have not seen a few of these. Anyone else see a blog they haven't seen before?