Friday, April 6, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer from "All Things Belle"

I have been away the last two weekends and again the upcoming, so finding the downtime (and a computer!) to write up the SPOTLIGHT feature has been a little challenged.  But, the creative mind of Jennifer of the shop "All Things Belle", has been featured in two great venues for her delightful work.  The first is a feature in Mary Janes Farm magazine, where her new line is showcased.  I've tried to find the article to provide a link, but unfortunately, I cannot get to a 'search' feature or even read articles - likely because I do not have a subscription. But I'll try again.

Jennifer's other feature is on the Moda Bakeshop blog where her tutorial for "Plus Kisses Boo Boo Pack" is showcased.  I personally love this blog because of all the great projects with easy instructions.  Jennifer's project definitely follows suit, and uses a Charm Pack and some uncooked grains.  Aren't these adorable?

Jennifer lives in Utah and is a work-at-home-mom of two little girls.  Some items from her Etsy shop that I especially like include:

When I asked Jennifer how she got her start with sewing, crocheting, crafting, she responded that in her teens, she made three quilts and then didn't quilt again for a long time.  Jennifer has been sewing since junior high, but feared the intricacy of quilting.  She started quilting again after she gave birth to her first daughter and found she loved making her small baby quilts for the holidays.  Starting with small quilts broke the intimidation of quilting and she really got into designing soon after.

I also asked her how it is to be a work-at-home mom - and where she carves out the time to quilt.  Jennifer said she is probably the poster child for the imbalanced mom...everyday is a struggle to make sure everyone's needs (including her own) are met.  In the past couple months, Jennifer finally decided that work had to take a back seat to raising her little she now exclusively quilts at night, usually between 7pm -1am.  Of course, there are times she wishes for more creative hours, but then one look at the little beauties and there is no substitute for these precious early years.  The girls are a constant source of inspiration - Jennifer's best designs come from thoughts while playing with them.
My final question for Jennifer was if she was given three hours of "alone time", how would it be spent?  She responded with: "Alone time? What's that??" But, then she said she would spend some time quilting, some time in the quilt store browsing the new lovely fabric, squeeze in a quick nap, and would top off the time enjoying a leisurely meal with her sweet husband.

Cheers! - Jennifer

My mother and I make up the Olive Street Studio design and sewing team.  I cannot remember my mom NOT sewing or quilting.  Since 2003, we've made chenille and cotton baby quilts, baby gift sets, little girls dresses and skirts, and for a second dimension, reversible tote bags and smaller handbags.  I joined the Quiltsy Team on Etsy in 2010. 
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Sieberdesigns said...

Great to learn more about Jennifer!

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

Thank you so much for the article - I was surprised and touched when you contacted me.