Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WiP Wednesday #28

Aren't these fabrics beautiful?

They're destined to become craft show table coverings. The Eagle Holiday Bazaar is coming faster than I thought it would. So much to get done!

I finished up a ton of catnip pillows for the show and my Etsy shop. But... I need to make a bunch more if I'm going to have enough. I think the fabrics are fun, though, and they're pretty quick, so there's that. Who out there is starting to get things lined up for holiday craft shows? I love how productive and generally involved with the community our team is.

Speaking of which, we had some great link ups last week. Fabric Fascination shared several projects, from a quilt-block dress, to stockings, to a sweet little zippered bag. LOVE these fabrics and how she's used them.

Char from Cloth Stitched shared a quilt she's making as a gift. Isn't it going to be cute?

Ann from Magpie Quilts shared a Triple Irish Chain. Holy cow! Check this out:

Beautiful, right? And last, but far from least, Maryellen from Mary Mack's Blog shared a cheerful (and beautiful!) Braid in A Day quilt.

I love seeing everyone's work! Ready to join up? Just add a link to your blog where you've written about any in-progress project you're working on. It's that easy. Thanks so much for dropping by!
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FabricFascination said...

Wow, love the triple Irish chain and the braid quilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Thank you everyone for joining up!