Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WiP Wednesday #33

Welcome to another WiP (Work in Progress) Wednesday! I'm your host, Jerimi. For the next 9 days I'll be obsessing over a holiday craft show that I signed up for.

I made pretty good progress this week, considering how busy I've been with my "real" job. ;)

Pin cushions sewn (still need buttons): 35

Medium and small kicksticks finished: 41 (total, not each)

Totals Completed for Holiday Show:
Pin cushions: 11
Catnip Quilts: 17
Kickstick Bitties: 81
Medium Kicksticks: 37
Jumbo Kicksticks: 5
Catnip Mice and Squids: 2
Catnip Pillows: 163

In a perfect world, I'd like a nice round 100 of each item. I'm not sure that's realistic, though. How do you guys determine how much stock to have on hand for a craft show? Do you have a system for it?

There were some awesome shares from the team, last week. Fabric Fascination shared a finished top, some gorgeous batik blocks, and adorable stockings.

Happier Than A Bird Quilts shared a spiderweb quilt, drunken zebra blocks (!), and some crazy cute doll quilts.

Char from Cloth Stitched is really working it. She shared some richly colored table runners, and a shawl that's too pretty for words. Check out this detail.

Terry Aske shared a stunningly beautiful art quilt, using silk leaves.

Ann from Magpie Quilts shared her "Santa's Workshop" and lovely Christmas stockings in seasonal fabric.

Everyone has such beautiful work! I love to see what our team has going. Thanks to everyone who joined up last week, and who will be joining up this week.
Quiltsy WiP


Barb N said...

You are busy! May I ask what the kick sticks are used for?

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I haven't done any craft shows, so can't help with suggestions for quantities. I hope your show is successful!

Thanks for featuring my silk leaves art quilt from last week.

Sieberdesigns said...

Wonderful craft show ideas!

Jerimi said...

Hi, Barb! "Kicksticks" are stuffed full of organic catnip and a little polyfil. Cats grab them and give them a good kicking and chewing. It's hilarious. :) I've taken to lining them with muslin or canvas to make them more durable.