Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WiP Wednesday #34

Welcome to this week's Work In Progress (WiP) link party!

This is it - I'm coming down to the wire for the Eagle Holiday Bazaar. I've got just a couple days left for making stock and working on my display. It's kind of exciting. Unfortunately, I caught the flu last Friday, slept through Saturday, and was still sick enough on Sunday that just walking down the stairs left me kind of shaky. Awesome. This means that I'll soon be practicing my zen to the tune of, "Whatever I've got done will be fine." In the meantime, here's the numbers for this week.

38 jumbo catnip kicksticks and 30 medium kicksticks. (Not all pictured, obviously.)
12 Fleece pet blankets. (Not all pictured.)

Completed This Week:
Pin cushions: 0
Catnip Quilts: 0
Fleece Blankies: 12
Kickstick Bitties: 0
Medium Kicksticks: 30
Jumbo Kicksticks: 38
Catnip Mice and Squids: 0
Catnip Pillows: 0
Refillable Catnip Pouches: 0
Refillable Catnip Hearts: 0

Totals Completed for Holiday Show:
Pin cushions: 11
Catnip Quilts: 17
Fleece Blankies: 12
Kickstick Bitties: 80
Medium Kicksticks: 67
Jumbo Kicksticks: 43
Catnip Mice and Squids: 2
Catnip Pillows: 160
Refillable Catnip Pouches: ? (haven't counted them yet)
Refillable Catnip Hearts: 0

And now I'm going to get back to work and open the floor for you to share what's shakin' with you, this week.

I hope you'll join in!

Quiltsy WiP


Anonymous said... have really been busy making the cutest items! Love your cat toys.

Dawn said...

You've made amazing progress, even with the flu! Good luck with your Craft Show :)