Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WiP Wednesday #38

I finally have something in progress to share, this week! WHOO! Ok, it's not much, I'll admit. I've been playing around with cross stitching this week. Nothing life changing, but it is relaxing. I picked up a tiny frame for all of $0.40 at a thrift store, and thought this would be a sweet design for it.

The frame needs to be repainted to cover some flaws, but it's tiny. I'm hoping for a quick project. (Famous last words, I know.) How about you guys? Do you ever need to take a break from quilting and just do something that's quick? I find it saves me from burn out. Anyone else cross stitch? I'm an extreme newbie - this is my first project, so I'm kind of nervous about sharing it, even though it's very simple. (Maybe because it's very simple?)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! Thank you for tuning in and linking up. Okay, link up those WIPs! Just link up any post from the past week featuring a work-in-progress. Please link back here to the Quiltsy blog and comment on other links. Thanks!
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FabricFascination said...
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FabricFascination said...

I used to cross stitch Jerimi, but would have to have really large holes to see comfortably now. Yours looks great!

Ann Symes said...

I love to cross stitch, but it's definitely taken a back seat to quilting these days! Can't wait to see yours finished!

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I don't cross stitch, but a friend of mine does. She loves the cross stitch patterns from this Canadian shop