Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WiP Wednesday #41

As you're no doubt aware, one of our team members lost her house and all its contents during Hurricane Sandy. Since she had a home business, she lost that as well. I can't even imagine how devastating that would be.

Our team has gathered together to donate materials to help her out, and we're also making a friendship quilt. Each person makes a block or two, and sends that to the person in charge of turning those blocks into a quilt, and she will in turn send that on to the team member in need. The donations are to help her get her business going again, and the quilt is to help her keep her chin up.

I love our team.

Here's my block.

We're all supposed to make the same block, using batik fabrics that alternate light and dark. I don't work with batiks very much, so that was a new thing for me. I also found out that I'm terrible at sewing a scant 1/4". This is actually my third try, as the other blocks came out too small. Batik fabrics are beautiful. I'll have to add more of them to my rota.

Are you making a quilt block for this group project? I'd love to see it! One of my favorite things is seeing how different people come up with different approaches and color combinations while working on the same project.

Last week we had several people graciously share what they were working on. Sweet Dreams by Sarah has made a ton of progress making sweet little blocks, and also shared a beautiful swoon.

Char from Cloth Stitched shared some adorable burp clothes, as well as a gorgeous table runner. Speaking of batik....

Cynthia from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework joined in last week, as well. LOVE her blog name (and agree with it 100%). She shared a sweetly ingenious little sewing kit. You'll have to visit her blog to see it in its full glory.

Terry Aske teased us with a little preview of an improv-pieced mugrug, and also shared her rail block for the group project. I love the fabrics she picked - that checkerboard is fab-ul-ous!

Well, we're rapidly approaching the holiday home stretch. Thanks for tuning in this week, and be sure to take some to enjoy the season.

Quiltsy WiP

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Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Thanks for including my little sewing kit in today's post! Love to see what everyone else is working on too!