Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIPs and Whatnot

The Quiltsy team got lots of new members recently and I’d like to say welcome and I hope you will link up on Wednesdays if you have a blog.

Barbara Hunt DeVilbiss of
sleepingbearquilts of
amishspirit of
Kim Brooks of
Jeanne Smith of
Dana Harris of
Adele of
Melissa Wesley of
Carolyn Stewart of
Sandy Kiefer of
Denise Williams of
Judy of
Nancy Pinney of

The team has a new promotion blitz going on for May which utilizes Pinterest to promote members shops. You can find the info here

Here is a list of the shops being promoted this week.

MON May 6 - Terry _
TUES May 7 - Sheri _
WED May 8 - Sally _
THU May 9 - Pamela _
FRI May 10 - Robin _
SAT May 11 -Theresa-

Last week Ann shared her completed Sun Flower quilt with us


I love the finish, don’t you? Thank you for sharing it Ann.

Wishing you all a

                  WIP 063

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Thanks for linking up!