Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

Keeping up with the cleaning and organizing theme I’ve adopted this year I thought I’d take a look at my scraps. I love quilting with scraps. Scrap quilts remind me of using that gigantic box of 64 Crayola crayons when I was a child. My motto is “why use 5 colors when you can use 55?”

Ok, so usually once I’m finished cutting pieces for a quilt I just stuff the scraps in their bins by color. Big scraps, small and medium sized. So of course all of the bins look like this.

       Scrap Thingy's 375

What a mess! So starting this year I make sure when a project is finished I cut most of my scraps up into usable squares and strips. If the fabric is close to FQ size I usually fold it and store it with the other FQs. Everything else is cut into 2”, 2.5” and sometimes 5” squares. I prefer the smaller sizes so I don’t cut too many 5” squares. Since I enjoy making string quilts the strips are cut any size from 3/4” – 2”.


So far these 2 1/2” squares have yielded 3 of these and I’m working on the 4th. They are going to make one big scrappy quilt!


Today’s cutting table scraps were leftover from a drawstring bag.  I cut them into random strips like this,


and now I have this.


Do you use a system to store your scraps? Maybe one like Bonnie Hunter’s. Or do you have messy bins like mine?




thebutterflyquilter said...

My scraps are in bins messy like yours! LOL At least I have the colors in separate bins so that helps!

Char said...

Yes, it really does help when the colors are separated.

Audrey Mackie said...

I'm in the process of sorting all my scraps and stash - have a look at my most recent post. Love following your blog. A .

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

My scraps are in big zip-lock plastic bags by color. Except the scraps from recent projects which are all in another container waiting to be sorted by color.

I define a scrap as any piece too small to fold and store with my other fabrics - mostly 1/4 yard pieces. I don't sort my scraps by size or cut them up - because I never know what size scrap I might need. They just sit there until I need little pieces.

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