Monday, March 16, 2015

Quiltsy Cares ... Ilse Daehler

    Detail of Rag Quilt
    Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Quiltsy Team member, Ilse Daehler whose chosen charity is the Betty Anne Krahnke Centre, an emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children. Ilse has made a beautiful Rag Quilt with purple bellflowers. Purple was chosen because it is the colour for domestic violence awareness. (photo on right is a detail picture of the quilt)

    Ilse explains why this charity is important to her. “A few years ago I volunteered for the Abused Persons Program, to help women who are in abusive and often violent relationships to file for peace or protective orders against their spouses or partners. Not only are they afraid of retribution by their abusers but they also feel ashamed and believe that they are to blame for their situation. These women often have low self esteem and are very intimidated by the filing process in court.”

    With the help of her granddaughter Annie she started her first shop in October 2009 and then added a second shop 2 years later to create a place for her orchid themed items which she originally started as a fundraising project for a local garden club

    Ilse is originally from Germany but has lived in Maryland for the last 50 years and now lives in Silver Spring, MD. She has been sewing pretty much since she was old enough to hold a needle, maybe at the age of 8 or 9. She learned machine sewing on an old treadle machine that had belonged to her grandfather, a professional tailor. She started working professionally as a seamstress after being trained in drapery making, first working for a local store and later opening her own business. She had always promised herself that she would learn how to quilt when she retired and about 8 or 9 years ago she decided it was time! Ilse is mostly self-taught but has taken one or two classes.

    Ilse joined the Quiltsy Team about two years ago. At the moment, her favourite thing to make is the attic window design which she has incorporated into various quilts and wall hangings. You can see this design (at left) used in her latest “I Spy Cat Quilt”. She is always looking for ideas, designs and processes.

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    Thanks so much for being a caring Quiltsy Team member, Ilse!

    This post was written by fibre artist Kathy Kinsella
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sallymanke said...

Ilse, this is a generous donation to an excellent cause.

Kathy, Wonderful write up on today's donation from the Etsy Quiltsy Team.

Just delighted that you are both members of this group!

Lauren/CactusPenguin said...

Thank you for your donation to this great cause. I love the design in this quilt!

teachpany said...

Great cause, Ilsa. Great post!

Gayle Pulley paintedquilts said...

Great charity and very nice quilt that will be a comfort to someone.

Barb N said...

I like that you symbolically used purple in the quilt. Going to a great cause.