Monday, June 29, 2015

Quiltsy and Forbes Magazine

You might never think of our little team of Quiltsy being included in an article in Forbes Magazine, but that is just what happened a week ago! Forbes Magazine ran an article about Etsy celebrating their 10 year anniversary. The article was about the ten most notable successes. The #2 success was about the connections withing Etsy-aka teams. Within this paragraph the Quitsy Team is highlighted about the Quiltsy Cares Promotion we had in March where we did 31 days of donating quilts to various charities and organizations. This was a great recognition for the Quiltsy Team, and showed how caring and team work could make a difference. And how a group of people who have never met and live all over the world can come together to make something wonderful happen.

If you would like to see this article:

Written by Pat Young of PatsPassionQuilteds, Quiltsy Team member since May 2011.


Barb N said...

That is SO cool. What are the odds that we'd be called out like that? A great tribute to the strength of our leadership and support of the members. Thank you for sharing!

Sally said...

What a super tribute to this wonderful Etsy Team. Thanks for posting!

JM in Toronto said...

Yeah, Quiltsy!

Noah Stewart said...

This just means that things are looking up for you guys. Maybe this also shows how sellers such as yourself stand to benefit from Etsy's increased market profile – if all this buzz is any indication. Either way, you're on the right track, and you should just continue. Kudos to all of you; you have a lot to be proud of.

Noah Stewart @ My Local Marketing