Monday, December 21, 2015

Destash Specials Coming from Etsy's Quiltsy Team

Keep your eyes peeled for a surge of quilters supplies, patterns, fabrics and doo-dads that will be posted by Quiltsy Team members in the new year.

Team members have been asked to clean up their sewing rooms and studios and get ready to re-home some of those things that they bought and have never opened or patterns, books and fabrics that they will never get around to using.

It's time to move out the old so we can make room for new!

Our Team Pages will be set up with new categories including
Destash Fabric
Destash Patterns
Destash Quilt Books
Exciting New Fabrics, Patterns, and Tools
Gifts for Sewing Enthusiasts

                                                                             . . . KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED . . . 


Kelly Dee said...

I bet we'll have fun shopping from one an others stash!

Kathy Kinsella said...

You're probably right, Kelly!