Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quiltsy Cares:

Featuring Dede Coulter of  Pepper's Attic 

 Dede's Charity is

Angel View has a vast array of programs to help families, children and adults with disabilities. They were originally founded in 1954 during the polio outbreak, right here in my town of Desert Hot Springs, California.

Angel View runs a 40-bed rehabilitation hospital, as well as 19 homes for the developmentally disabled. It relies solely on charitable contributions, donors, and donations of goods to their thrift stores.

I donated a quilt to Angel View, which can be used as either a baby/toddler quilt or a lap quilt for adults. They can also opt to sell the quilt in one of their thrift stores, where the prices are generally marked 25% of retail value.

I have been quilt-making for over 40 years and love the entire process from design to fabric selection to creation and ultimately to completion ~ many of my quilts have been given to others over the years, or offered in my Etsy Shop. Though my favorite quilting thing to do is to create an heirloom quality quilt and hand quilt it – just like what was done in days gone by, and is still done in Amish and other religious communities across the country -- it is not a very practical method of quilt-making, in terms of speed and the many hours it takes, thus the hand quilted quilts do not appear in my Etsy Shop and are reserved as commission pieces. For my Etsy Shop, I favor a beloved sewing machine that purrs & hums as I put it through its paces.
The Quiltsy Team on Etsy has been my go-to place online since 2010. The team consists of men & women who create quilted items and, though the miles separate us, it is a wonderful opportunity to come together in an online chat group to share our latest creations and sometimes our personal life issues.

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Carol Ann Johnston 


secondsanctuary said...

So nicely written! DeDe, I love the image of you and your machine that this post evokes. Great charity also!

Char said...

Beautiful quilt for a wonderful cause. Great work Dede!

Barbara Wood said...

Dede, this is such a worthy cause and I absolutely love your rag quilts and purses. They are so beautiful!

Sally said...

Just lovely, Dede! What a generous gift to a great cause!

teachpany said...

Such a pretty quilt for a great cause!

Kathy Kinsella said...

Such a snuggly cuddly quilt ... and a great charity to support!

Sue Simpson said...

What a cozy quilt!!! And such a worthy and wonderful place to support. Thanks for all you do Dede!