Friday, March 18, 2016

Quiltsy Cares .... Karen Relfe of Make Mine Patchwork

Today the Quiltsy Team is recognizing the donation of Karen Relfe , of Birmingham, AL. Karen's mother began teaching her to sew when she was old enough to thread a needle and she has never stopped.This beautiful baby quilt is one of those that she donated to charity this year.

Karen has donated several items including her baby quilts, Christmas stockings, zipper pouch and soft toys to One21, a Christian ministry whose primary purpose is to take the story of Jesus Christ to young people struggling to find peace in the world. They do this by partnering with another organization, Back2Back, helping young people in Mexico, Haiti and India. Karen's daughter and son-in-law have traveled with One21 to Mexico twice to help set up and teach at camps for students.

Karen has been quilting for about fifteen years and she simply can't stop designing and making all things quilted. Karen has had her Etsy shop, Make Mine Patchwork, for about four years and has been a member of the Quiltsy Team for about two years. She loves to make anything that can remotely be called a quilt, from patchwork burp cloths and bibs to quilted purses and makeup bags to full size bed quilts. She enjoys designing things that are unique and beautiful but still serve a practical function. Karen especially enjoys working with people to create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone they love that holds a special meaning for them.

Karen has received so much joy over the years from her craft, she decided it was time to pay it forward and bless others with her gift so she began donating to charitable groups such as Project Linus, the Million Pillow Case Challenge and The Sleeping Bag Project. It is especially meaningful to be able to donate to a group like One21 that has touched her family personally.

This blog post was written by Quiltsy Team member Kathy Kinsella of


JM in Toronto said...

Adorable items, donated to a great cause!

StephsQults said...

Love your charity Karen, fantastic cause and some wonderful donations.

teachpany said...

So pretty, and a great cause. Thanks!

Sally said...

Karen....what delightful items donated with such a generous act! This is really a worthy cause.

Kathy...delightful photos and writing! Thanks for blogging!

Sues said...

Thank you Karen for being such a caring soul. You are helping so many worthy causes with your quilting. Wonderful

Lauren said...

Thank you Karen for the beautiful donation and for participating in Quiltsy Cares.