Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quiltsy Cares: Mary Hopkins of MKH Quilts

Today, Quiltsy Cares celebrates Mary Hopkins of MKHQuilts. Mary, who hails from Spokane, WA, and is a hospital nurse, also belongs to the Spokane chapter (Charity Central) of Washington State Quilters.

"I have been a member of WSQ for about 10 years," shares Mary. "At first, we gave small child quilts to Sally House, a group that takes in children displaced from their homes because of abuse or crime. From there, our giving branched out to include a long list of charities in our city,

"At our quilt show each October, we have a display we call the 'Mountain of Quilts,'" Mary explains. "The display shows how many and to where all our quilts are being donated. I try to make at least one quilt for the pile each year.

"This year, I hope to have 2-3 quilts to give, but only the first one is finished," Mary admits. "It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern called, 'Many Trips Around the World.' I love this pattern because it's quick, easy and fun to make. And, it makes a great small twin-sized quilt for a child. It uses 24 12-inch blocks, but easily can be made larger with more blocks and a border! My favorite quilts are scraps, so this pattern fits with my style."

For her Etsy shop, MKHQuilts, Mary, makes quilts, patchwork pillows, fabric postcards, and mug rugs.

"I enjoy quilting as a creative outlet," comments Mary. "Sewing, even a few minutes each day, is a great stress reliever after a busy shift at my job."

When asked how long she's been quilting, Mary responds, "I'd guess around 30 years or so, between raising kids and various jobs and nursing school. I wasn't consistent at it until the last 10 years. That's how long I've had a real sewing studio and long-arm! I've had my Etsy shop since 2007."

Mary has been a member of the Quiltsy Team for 4-5 years. Her favorite things to make for her Etsy shop are "quilts, of course. But I like to make small items too, such as mug rugs that are quick to make and are cute gift ideas but not a big investment of time and money."

In addition to her quilting passion, Mary shares her life with her dear spouse, two grown-up sons, two dogs and two cats.


Sharlee said...

Beautiful and for a great cause!!!

Barbara Wood said...

Love the quilt! Such a worthy charity!

teachpany said...

Great quilts and a great cause! Thanks.

Kathy Kinsella said...

Wonderful to hear about you and your charity, Mary.