Sunday, September 4, 2016

Adding an Etsy Mini to your blog post or Web Page

Did you all know that Etsy has a nifty tool for creating a "mini"?  If you are a shop owner you can make one with your items to add to your web-page or blog posts, or you can make one that shows your favorites so you can show them off!  Here is an example, using items from my favorites - which will be other members of the Quiltsy Team ;)

If you look on the menu under "Your Shop"  on your Etsy page you will see a subheading of "Promote".  Under that you will see a link for "Etsy Mini"  From there you just choose from the options.  This one is 4 colums, 3 rows, with thumbnails.

When you add it to your blog post, switch over to the html view to add it, and if you are using blogger, you won't see it in the preview, but it will be visible after you publish, so don't get too frustrated.

You can also make a smaller one to add to your blog sidebar, it makes a great way for people to visit your Etsy Shop!

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