Sunday, March 11, 2018

Quilltsy Cares March 11-Gina Bonefas

Quiltsy Cares donation for today comes from Gina Bonefas of TexasQuiltsforYou. Gina's story is very close to home for her. Her neighbor is Mr. William Respess, and he and his wife were very complimentary about a "Because of the Free"quilt she had made. So, since her family is very pro-military, she said she decided to make Mr. Respess one of those quilts and she would also be able to use it as her Quiltsy Care donation. Mr.Repress, Sergeant Major USMC retired, turned 90 this year. He is a WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veteran and Gina said she is very proud to have made this quilt for him to honor his military service.

Written by Pat Young of PatsPassionQuilteds, Quiltsy Team member since May 2011.


Pamela said...

What a wonderful donation, thanks, Gina!

Lauren said...

Gina - THANK YOU! Wonderful gift to a great guy!!