Tuesday, April 17, 2018

April Showers

I'm sure everyone has heard the old adage "April showers bring May flowers". Well...maybe Mother Nature hasn't quite co-operated with this saying with some of our Quiltsy members in the north who are still seeing winter weather. But April will prevail, and we will see plants starting to peak out of the ground, buds coming out on the trees, and green grass. Eventually we will see flowers blooming everywhere. What's your favorite flower? Spring tulips, daffodils or crocus? Or maybe more Summer ones like roses, daisies or dahlias? There is something wonderful about sitting outside on a nice, warm sunny day surrounded by a gorgeous flower garden.

Of course there are other kinds of showers that come with April. There are the baby showers, bridal showers and wedding showers that invitations are starting to come in for. It's time to start thinking about what unique item to give to the newlyweds, or that something special for the new bundle of joy. Maybe a Wedding Guest Book quilt where quests sign and leave a special message for the bride and groom on a fabric square that is made into a Keepsake quilt? Or a custom baby quilt that will be cherished for years?

Here in Quiltsyland, we are into full swing with our next big challenge.

This month we have 23 members who have signed up for a Baby Quilt Challenge. We have an adorable focus fabric called Lewe the Ewe by Susy Bleasby for Hamil Textiles. Our challenge is to design, then make, a baby quilt using this fabric as the main focus. We are limited only by our imaginations. Our deadline to have them finished is between May 18-24 where they must be listed in our shops. We might even be planning a "Which one do you like the best?" challenge, so stay tuned to find out more about that.

So as we continue through the month of April, enjoy the days getting longer and warmer, flower gardens coming to life, and the promise of new beginnings. Soon it will be May, and that is a whole new adventure.

Written by Pat Young of PatsPassionQuilteds, Quiltsy Team member since May 2011.


Sally said...

Can’t wait to see the quilts from this darling fabric!

Char said...

I can't wait to see all the different quilts from this lovely fabric.