Thursday, July 11, 2019

Quiltsy Scrappy Challenge

Here we go again! No one likes a challenge more than Quiltsy.

How many of you have piles and boxes of scrapes from all the projects and quilted items you have made? I know, some day you are going to organize and finally make something using those scraps and left over remnants of projects past. But what if you were actually challenged to make something?

That's actually happened in June. Quiltsy Team challenged it's members to use their scrapes and left over pieces of fabric to create a table runner, table topper or a wall hanging. The only thing that could be new or purchased was the border and backing fabric. The middle and rest of the quilt top had to be made from only their scraps.

Thirty six members rose to the challenge and made exceptional quilted items from their scraps. Most used just their scraps only to make a quilted item. And looking at them you will be amazed that they were made from scraps. Might make you want to dig into your own scraps and see what you can come up with.

So on to the voting of which 3 you like the best. To vote, please leave a comment and include the numbers of your 3 favorites in your comments. On July 19th we will announce the 3 top ones that got your votes and which was was the over all favorite.

***Please note that the submissions for the challenge are closed only. Do not click onto the "visitor" link. Just leave your 3 choices in a comment below.

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StephsQults said...


Pam Geisel Art Quilts said...

3, 30, 34

Elizabeth said...

16, 9, 31

Dee D said...

11, 34, 32

Anonymous said...

3, 18, 29

Anonymous said...


Jambearies said...

9, 18, 30

Sally said...

7, 12, 30

Sally said...

Can I vote for 3 more....I keep seeing beauty in each entry. Just kidding...I know I can't!

JM in Toronto said...

30, 34, 29

Barbara Wood said...

So hard to choose, but I settled on these, 3, 10, 34. Great job everyone!

Unknown said...

9, 33, 34

Lily Sweeney said...

All great choices. Lots of beautiful work. I choose #18, #34, and #33. Thanks Quiltsy Team!

Donna Kuykendall said...

Love these. I chose 29, 30 and 34. Hard decision.

Anonymous said...

Raven's votes - 7, 15, 34

Pamela said...

11, 30,33 - so hard to choose, they are all awesome!

teachpany said...

18, 34, 32. Great job, everyone.

Carol Ethier said...

3, 24, 30 get my vote!!

lynndalou said...

29, 30, and 19

paintedquilts said...

12, 29 and 30

Peggy Gayler said...


MaryJane said...

6, 16 & 34

Susan M said...

9, 18, 33

MoranArtandQuilts said...

12, 22 & 30 Wow, that was really hard! Many others I would have chosen.

Miriam said...

34, 33, 8

Patchwork Mill, Maria said...

I love all of them! But I had to find my favorites, so here they are: 12, 16, 34 said...

Love them all too, very difficult to pick 3 only, but here we go:
12, 22, 33

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