Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Information for members on trunk show

Here is the information I have promised you all. I am getting very excited, I think this will be a great event!
The trunk show will be held on Monday 9/22 from 7-9pm ET in the virtual labs on etsy.
On the prior Monday,9/15 at 7 pm ET, we are doing a dry run with Danielle from etsy. I would advise anyone that plans to participate, to also please come to the dry run. We want everything to go off without a hitch, so this is a great opportunity to work out the kinks.
I will be making a schedule of times that each of us will speak and present out items.
We will each get 5 to 6 minutes, depending on the number of participants. I will moderate, and each one of you will speak during your portion and show your listings,
Danielle suggested that we write what we want to say in advance, and copy and paste, to save time and tomake sure we don't for get anything. That is up to each of you.
Each participant will be required tod onate a small item, preferably quilted, but definitely fabric, to use as a door prize.
What I am thinking at this point, as suggested by Danielle, we will have 3 drawings. One will be the grand prize and will go to someone who has purchased, the other 2 smaller prizes to people who have attended. Danielle is going to give us a list of everyone who attends.
Some of you that are not participating have very generously offered to donate prizes. Thank you very much, but that won't be needed. I really appreciate you offerring.
I am going to list all participants. If you are on the list in error,or if you want to be added, please convo me. Please be sure before you commit.
SewUpScale Thanks, Lauren


kimbuktu said...

Sounds great Lauren! That is helpful that Danielle will give us a list of attendees.

Do you know yet how we will do the drawings or when in the process they will occur?

Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

Awesome Lauren! Keep us posted.

Jabaro said...

If participants are each being asked to contribute to the prizes, why are there only three prizes. Are the items being bundled into groupings to total three prizes. If that is the case, someone could walk out with a couple hundred dollars worth of prizes. This is okay, I"m just trying to understand the process.

And, if you're giving us until week's end to decide, I'll let you know after I see how Thursday's trunk show goes. And, (second and) as someone mentioned, how or why do people just drop in to the vit lab, I've never been there nor really heard of it, or trunk shows. Do we know what the normal attendance is at one of these events?

Sorry(about being the pest).