Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Blog How-To from DebiDesigns

Thanks to DebiDesigns (profile, shop, contact) for this step by step on featuring other Etsians on your blog with an Etsy Mini!

You can see an example on Debi's blog:

To feature people using Etsy mini on your Blog, first you have to pick 9 people and favorite an item in their shop.
go to your Etsy, scroll down to Promote, click into etsy mini
1. Items to show, click items from my favorites.
2. choose image size, click thumbnail.
3. choose layout, click 3 columns x 3 rows.
Now you should see 9 photos from your favorite items,
4. go down to -Copy this code for the javascript version (for use on personal websites and blogs)- and copy the script in the box under it,
5. return to your Blog and. go to -layout-
6. click on add a gadget.
7. Scroll down to HTML/Javascript and add it.
8. When the box pops up make your title and paste the script into the box

and wal-lah!

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