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SPOTLIGHT: Chantelle of Clothscapes

Hi! I'm Jennifer - a Quiltsy Team member.  I've volunteered to work on the Quiltsy Blog with posts that feature Quiltsy Team members who are highlighted in other forms of media or showcases.  My goal is to "spread the word" about these fantastic ladies and hopefully bring their accomplishments to more eyes.  I'd also like to add a little fun by asking a couple extra questions of the featured quilter....something to help you get to know a bit more about her.  So let me get started!

My first spotlight shines on Chantelle of Clothscapes, who has a quilt selected for "100 Days of Modern Quilting" on The Modern Quilt Guild blog.  Beginning in January 2012 and continuing for 14 weeks, the Blog will feature daily posts of beautiful modern quilts for different categories such as shapes, colors, techniques, inspiration, and more.  Chantelle's featured quilt is called "Yankee Puzzle Quilt", which is written about on her blog Modern Organic Quilter.  This is the front....Are you not surprised that this quilt is already sold??

Not only is Chantelle's featured quilt a work of art, but these two quilts in her Etsy shop "Clothscapes" are gorgeous....

The Quilting Start
Chantelle grew up in Australia and now calls Anaheim, California home.  She has been quilting since she was 16 - and has been for 16 years!  Chantelle got her start after finding a copy of Singer Quilting by Machine in a second hand book store.  The book had pictured a solid colored log cabin quilt that Chantelle just loved so she decided to make it for herself.  On her first attempt at a quilt, she fearlessly undertook the task of a twin-sized bed quilt and made it in shades of pinks and greys (it was the 90's).  Chantelle had help from her mum, who is a master seamstress, but I'm sure her mum was excited to have a daughter also interested in sewing.

Use of Organic and Sustainable Materials
Chantelle uses organic materials in her quilts.  While growing up in rural Australia, Chantelle was exposed to conventional cotton farming at a young age. She vividly remembers irrigation ponds so large that she couldn't see the other side.  But as conventional farming goes, fertilizers and pesticides are used, and a river that had been the main source of water and recreation to a small community, shrank and became poisoned from irrigation run off.  Algae grew, which made the water unsafe for swimming and drinking, and the low oxygen content killed all the fish.  As a child, the connection between store-bought cotton goods and the cotton farming was not made, but as she quilted, she came across an article on 'greener quilting', which noted that quilters are one of the largest consumers of conventionally grown cotton in the United States.  That sentence brought the "a-ha!" moment and a flash-back to that poisoned river.  From then on, to try and not be a contributor to the problem, Chantelle decided to use as much organic / sustainable materials as possible.  Although fabric selections make it hard to be 100% organic, most of her quilts and duvet covers are made primarily from organic and sustainable materials.

Favorite Colors? Regret a Sold Quilt?
I asked Chantelle if she had favorite colors with which to quilt - and she subscribes to the idea that there are no ugly colors, just ugly color combinations...she generally chooses a color and then finds others that complement. Since I think her quilts are so beautiful and unique, I wondered if she ever regretted selling one and she does not.  Chantelle is a process quilter, so she loves choosing fabrics, creating a design, and quilting it up. But once the quilt is finished - it is finished and she's ready for the next project.  If her quilts were sitting unused and unloved in her closet, that would make her sad so she's happy to ship them to a new home.

Vacation Dreams!
And for a little fun, I asked Chantelle if she had to pack a bag and board a plane, train, or bus tomorrow, where would she go?  Being from Australia and not having been home in six years, she'd like to head home with her children for a nice friend-and-family visit.  BUT, if she's talking full-pleasure adult vacation?  To Peru she would go for the dramatic landscapes and the textiles. Even though she doesn't see the Peru trip happening for a few years, she currently has the travel guide on her nightstand.  As my sidenote: I've been to Lima, Cuzco, and Macchu Picchu, which is really something spectacular to see - I hope you get there!

I hope you check out The Modern Quilt Guild's "100 days of Modern Quilting" - there are some spectacular quilts showcased.

Cheers! - Jennifer

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Sieberdesigns said...

wonderful information about Chantelle! Thank you for sharing!

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Great post about Chantelle!

I've been following the Modern Quilt Guild 100 days of quilting - so many fabulous quilts!

I love Chantelle's Yankee Puzzle quilt - the colors are wonderful, and the quilting is fantastic!

Pam Geisel - For Quilts Sake said...

Wonderful post!

Chantelle said...

Wow thanks for the great coverage, you make me sound awesome.

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What a fabulous feature on Chantelle! Love hearing more about the quilters I've been meeting through Etsy!

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It's wonderful getting to know Chantelle through this post!