Sunday, April 22, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Aviva of "Sieber Designs"

In Northampton, MA, Aviva crafts and quilts for her "Sieber Designs" Etsy shop.  Aviva has been quilting for over 15 years, and it is her absolute passion.  In December 2011, Aviva was featured on News 22, a local news station, with a video tutorial on how to make a gift card holder, which is not only great at holiday time (when her spot was first aired), but also during the year for family birthdays and anniversaries.  I personally found it very easy to follow and think the design is fantastic.

When I look at Aviva's shop, I always think of batiks!  Now, she doesn't always use batik, but I love her fabric selections.  Aviva offers many different types of quilted items ranging from throw/lap quilts, to purses, and home are some of my favorites:

I've enjoyed asking each "spotlighted" quilter a few questions to round-out the feature.  With Aviva, I'm going to start asking a new standard question: What quilting machine do you use and how long have you had it?  I know I'm interested in hearing about who-likes-what-for-what-reason, and I hope you do too.  For Aviva, she almost exclusively uses her Janome Memory Craft 6600 - from start to the finish of her quilts, that includes the free motion stitching.

Aviva is married and has a daughter, so carving out time to sew becomes a catch-as-catch-can....every spare moment she gets is spent in her studio creating a new quilt.  Aviva is most productive early in the day, but will often work late into the night if she is on a roll.  Besides maintaining her Etsy shop, Aviva also showcases her wonderful work through an Artfire shop and participates in craft shows in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

For my "fun" question, in light of the recent $640M Mega-Millions lottery jackpot, I asked Aviva if she had won, would her life change, and if so, how?  Aviva said that even if she were to become instantly wealthy, she wouldn't change what she does for a living.  However, she wouldn't feel guilty about the amount spent  on fabric or feel that she would need to justify her fabric purchases with a sale.  :-)  I'd have to agree with her.....

Cheers!  Jennifer

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Sally said...

Jennifer, I too love Aviva's work in those beautiful batiks! Great feature.

Gail S. said...

Great write up!

whimbrella said...

I love reading about individual Quiltsy members. Always learn something new about them!


Nice Blog, great Artists.

clubaloha said...

Great write up about another great Quiltsy Artiste!

OliveStreetStudio said...

Thanks! I enjoy writing up the Spotlights. I like poking around all the great items the members make - and checking out their accomplishments.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for these, I really enjoy reading about fellow quiltsies.