Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIPs and Whatnot

I’m sure everyone is preparing meals for Passover and Easter so there might not be as much quilting going on as usual this week. I do hope you can still take a moment to share whatever you are working on.

Please go over to Persimmon Dreams and show your support by voting this week. We have 3 member’s with quilts in the Project Quilting Challenge  this week. Pam G, Emma and Moran.

Last week ME linked up with a post on her latest contest win and the quilt she worked on for Quilting Day.


I hope this is a wonderful holiday week for all of you!


Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I voted for the Project Quilting Challenge. Tough to choose, as always.

Happy Easter!

teachpany said...

I voted, too. Thanks for highlighting my post from last week. That quilt sold and is on it's way to England. It's so much fun to sew quilts.

Char said...

Thank you for linking up!

Christina Fairley Erickson said...

Best wishes for a happy Easter... I hope you have a lot of good quilting time on the holiday!