Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WIPs and Whatnot

A couple of our members have been featured on blogs around the internet this week.

Terry was featured here. Isn’t that a great picture!

Aviva was featured here.

Last week Julia showed us how she tamed this unruly quilt.       


Ann shared with us how she quilted a table runner on her long arm.


Ann ( Magpie) shared how her friends made these wonderful fabric bowls and the quilts she’s been working on.





This week even if you don’t have a blog maybe you’d like to answer this question. Those of you who are welcoming Spring have you started a new project with lots of beautiful bright and maybe even flowery fabrics? Tell us about it in a comment. We’d love to hear about your new creations.


thebutterflyquilter said...

I just bought Gayle's painted Poppy's! I need some flowers in my life right now! LOL

Ann Symes said...

I'll be working on a floral applique for a swap on Flickr this month - and I'll probably buy some flowers as it will be a while before anything is blooming here!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Just getting started on a new quilt using a mustard yellow...not very spring- spring-like but it is not a color I don't use much so I am excited.

teachpany said...

A quilt I featured in last week's WIP was all florals, huge roses and carnations. This week I actually picked darker tones, more muted. It's for a mystery quilt, so maybe that had more to do with my choice. It's mysterious, lol.