Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

Quick tell me what’s your favorite quilt block? You know your go to block when you need to make something fast. Is it a star block, four patch or nine patch or maybe like me you like the log cabin.

I made my first log cabin quilt from the scraps of my previous quilts back in 1996. Since I love scraps it really was a perfect choice. The fact that I only had to separate my fabrics into piles of lights and darks was such an advantage to me as I still wasn’t quite sure what I was doing with this quilting thing. I didn’t make my first quilt until 1994, so quilting was still fairly new to me.

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That first quilt (pictured above) was full of fabrics which I consider to be dull and boring now. But they were the only choices I had and at the time I thought the were wonderful. Since making that first quilt my log cabins have definitely changed. Now not only am I choosing bolder and brighter fabrics but I’m also making log cabins in all their variations. It’s such a versatile block! 

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I’m really sure my love of log cabins is what has led me to my love of all things string! More about that next week………..

Link up and share your favorite block or whatever you’ve been working on.


thebutterflyquilter said...

I love log cabins and pineapple squares. Haven't made one for a long time but if you saw my first one you might laugh! But it is a wonderful way to see how far you have come!

Astrid said...

I love log cabin blocks! Currently working on a queen size log cabin quilt. The first attempt on log cabin was 8 years ago, I used all sorts of leftovers from MIL's scrap basket... not all of it cotton and in all colors! :) Love your scrappy quilts, very beautiful!