Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIPs on Wednesday

I’m working on my Quiltsy Team challenge quilt this week and I decided to do something different, use open seams. I started quilting in 1994 and all the books said press towards the dark. As most quilts were still being hand quilted then that really is good advice. It works perfectly for outline and “in the ditch” quilting. You are always quilting away from the bulky seams but with machine quilting that problem doesn’t exist. The other reason supposedly was the seams nestle better and results in precise piecing. Well I started sewing years ago and I mainly made garments so I always pressed my seams open. Don’t remember having issues with seams matching and they lay very flat.

Ok, so since so many new quilters (and most of them machine quilt) are choosing to press their seams open it was time I give it a try. I have to say I like the look and when you’re sewing lots of rows you don’t have to worry which rows are pressed to the left and which ones are pressed to the right. Simple, I like it!


I’m thinking open seams are the way to go! Do you press toward the dark  or open?


quiltingfrenzy said...

Guess you can call me old school, I still press to the dark side. I like how the seams sit together when they are set in opposing directions.

Pamela said...

I'm old school as well - I still prefer pressing to the dark side! I do have to say that if you have a seam pop it is easier to repair if you press to the side.

Astrid said...

Most of the time I press to the darkest side, but if there are many layers (pin wheels) I prefer to press the center open.

teachpany said...

Great items this week. I sewed clothes, as well, and now I serge/finish the seam allowances, but seldom press them open. As for quilting, I think pressing to one side is easier. It would take extra time to press open, but in blocks with lots of pieces, it may be the way to get the flattest allowance. It depends on the block, though. I may consider it on some, but most will be pressed to one side. Good discussion!