Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Quiltsy Cares" Charity Quilts: 3-22-15

Good Sunday Morning!  Today's Quiltsy Team Blog features the charity donations of Cheryl and Cindy of Twin Sis Creations Etsy shop.  Cheryl and Cindy live far apart - Cindy is in Sibley, MO and Cheryl is in Austin, TX - but still manage to work together to make beautiful quilts and other creations for their shop. 

Their supported charities are the Pajama Program, which provides new pajamas and new books to children in need on a nationwide basis, and has a local Austin chapter, and Safe Place in Austin, Texas, whose mission is to provide a place for ending sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.  Here are some of the donated pajamas:

The Pajama Program charity is important to them because Cheryl was a Kindergarten teacher and has always had some type of job or volunteer position that benefitted or helped children. 
She believes that every child should be able to snuggle in their own pajamas and curl up with a good book to read at the end of the day, and to feel loved.  Most people readily donate baby or young children pajamas, but Cheryl thought it would be important to donate/sew pajama pants for the older tweens and teens who also are in shelters with little or no belongings.  To take it one step further, Cheryl also thought it would be good to encourage other tweens and teens to learn how to sew pajama pants and to donate them to the shelters, so she started free classes to help kids learn how to sew and donate to these two charities.

Although Cindy and Cheryl live in separate states, they are able to showcase their creative talents in one Etsy shop.  Cindy is an artist and Cheryl is the seamstress and quilter.  Cheryl has been sewing since she was five years old and hasn't stopped since.  She started quilting after taking some quilting classes while in college, and has now been quilting for over 35 years.  Cheryl has also been teaching sewing/quilting for over 10 years.  Cheryl enjoys sewing anything from quilts and table runners, to pillow cases, bags and toys.  After participating in the February Quiltsy Mug-Rug swap, and having alot of fun with it, she may start adding them to her shop!  Although Cheryl and Cindy have different creative outlets, they each create with love and joy - and they learned that from their mom!

Here are a couple here are a couple beauties from Cheryl and Cindy's shop:

Cheers! - - Jennifer

My mother and I make up the Olive Street Studio design and sewing team.  I cannot remember my mom NOT sewing or quilting.  Since 2003, we've made chenille and cotton baby quilts, baby gift sets, little girls dresses and skirts.  In 2013, we expanded into Home Decor quilts and after getting requests for even bigger quilts, we're working on larger quilts too.  Then, with extra time, because we all have extra time, ha ha, we also make reversible tote bags, smaller handbags, and zipper pouches.  I joined the Quiltsy Team on Etsy in 2010.  

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Nancy said...

Another wonderful Quiltsy!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful work, and what a great service to provide. Thank you for all you do.

teachpany said...

Great charities! I love making pajamas, too. I'll have to make some for charity.

Stephanie Hateley said...

Another great blog, and 2 more great charities, wonderful idea to teach them to sew as well, good on you!

Gayle Pulley paintedquilts said...

Great that your teaching young people to sew! Wonderful charities, good job!

Barbara Wood said...

Great charities and what a wonderful idea to get teens started in sewing and givng to charities.

cdore44 said...

Thank you everyone! and Thank you Jennifer for such a wonderful article on TwinSisCreations!

Super glad we are a part of such a wonderful group of quilters! Yay, Quiltsy Team!

Martha said...

Sew...I'm just starting..did a handpieced flower garden Sr. year of I'm ...a sr. citizen..but I machine pieced a leaf quilt w/ bear claw blocks for my husband..retired forest manager of Mo.' largest private forest..Pioneer Forest..some 140,000 a. of timber and scenery in the Mo. Ozarks. You are doing a great service and nothing So So about that...keep on keepin' on...I'm in the midst of a very special quilt right now..and then..have dreams and fabric for 'sew much more'. My 'art studio'..App2draw' , my sewing center..App2sew,,includes..'app2wrap'..a place besides the dining room table for giftwrapping and such...and App2frame..and App2read...all in a very generic.but transformed 'other side of our basement...Cindy inspired the transformation..and it's...getting there. Should've taken before / after photos...or you'd never know the extent of the change. FTR..old entertainment centers ...make super sewing centers for notions and fabrics and all those quilt books. I love mine..for sure. we know...they are..pert nigh impossible to even give away..much less sell. Oh..I did a 'shop hop' first..and was a winner of a quilt kit...which was a 2nd's a neat quilt called " hugs and kisses'..I might dub in black instead of white fab. for the 'background..the blace makes the other scrappy fabrics just light up like they had batteries. ;o) IGWT ME(C)

Barb N said...

What a great idea to sew for the older kids and teens. Keep up the good works, ladies!

Lauren/CactusPenguin said...

What a fabulous idea & charity! I especially like that you are teaching teens to sew and showing them how to serve their community at the same time! Thank you!

Sally said...

Love the completely original spin on this donation. The twins are both generous and creative! SO glad you are a part of our team!