Monday, March 23, 2015

Quiltsy Cares ... Treese Pflum

Today, in our month-long Quiltsy Cares campaign, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Quiltsy Team member Treese Pflum who is from the Palm Springs desert area of California. Treese creates charity quilts for the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild where she is an active member

Asked why this charity is special to her, she replies “I believe in giving back to the community and as a quilter and guild member, I have found a perfect way to clean out my stash and make others happy too! The guild donated 311 quilts last year, and I am happy to say several of those quilts were mine.” The current quilt that she is working on is a lap quilt made of fabrics from other projects. It has a mix of colors and patterns, suitable for any age. I use 100% cotton fabrics, Heirloom batting, and will do free motion quilting with my longarm machine.

Treese lives in Cathedral City, California (about 100 miles east of Los Angeles). It gets very hot in the desert climate of Coachella Valley so she gets a lot of work done between dips in the pool. In the summer she starts early in the morning to beat the heat, which has been known to hit 120-127 degrees at times.

Asked how long she has been quilting, Treese responds, “I made my first quilt in 1978, without a clue about how to create a quilt. Since that time, I made quilts whenever I had a spare moment, mostly weekends. In 2005, I bought my first longarm machine and by 2012 I had quit my day job to quilt full time. I now run a professional longarm quilting business, and do custom quilting and sewing for others, and myself when I have time.”

Treese has been a member of the Quiltsy Team since 2012. She loves making quilts but her favourite thing to make are the quilted cards that she sells in her Etsy shop Quiltnutz. They are playtime for her; she gets to drag all her bits and pieces out and let her imagination fly. Her mom is her shop helper and another quilter, so she is very involved in the design and construction of the cards. Its very collaborative, and a lot of fun. They make a big mess, drink a little wine, and laugh a lot on the card making weekends.  I love the wonky log cabin blocks that Treese used to make this quilt and I'm sure that it will be precious to the recipient.

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Written by fibre artist Kathy Kinsella, a Quiltsy team member since 2010.
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Stephanie Hateley said...

Wonderful blog, sounds like you have a great time with your Mum, love the wonky log cabin quilt.

djw quilts said...

Cool quilt!

Sue Simpson said...

Love scrappy quilts...they warm my heart. What a lovely donation!!!

teachpany said...

Nice to meet you, Treese! Great info and really fun quilts!

Lauren/CactusPenguin said...

Thank you for giving back to your community Treese! Gorgeous quilt!!

vivian said...

I love your wonky quilts!

Sally said...

This is such a fun and happy quilt. The recipient will surely be delighted. Thanks for the generous donation, Treese.