Thursday, March 19, 2015

"Quiltsy Cares" featuring Christine Vinh of StitchesnQuilts

Items donated at a previous prayer shawl session.
Today we are featuring Quiltsy Member, Christine Vinh of StitchesnQuilts with her charity,  Prayer Shawls 
at Washington Cancer Institute,
MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

I asked why this charity is special to her. Christine replied, "When I retired from this hospital after 35 years, I was looking for volunteer work. When I couldn't find something that "called to me", I decided to start the shawl ministry at the Cancer Institute. I had previously partnered with them on a quilt project, "Common Threads: Healing Hands and Hearts:, where we helped cancer survivors make quilt squares representing the hands and hearts of the people who helped them through their cancer experience. The squares were then made into banners that hang from the atrium in the lobby. We also worked with the staff to provide quilts in waiting rooms and exam rooms to create a healing environment. The shawls, lap afghans and quilts are made by volunteers, patients, and staff and are made available to new patients as they begin treatment.

My donation will be a lap quilt, using African Fabrics from French Connections NC (Etsy shop) as many of the patients at the center are African American." The photo below shows the quilt as a "work in progress" (WIP in quilter's language).

Christine lives in Arlington, VA  and has been quilting for 35 years. Having had a left brain job in hospital administration for many years, she is now able to utilize her right brain to express her love of fiber, color and texture.

As a quilter and who enjoys other forms of needlework as well, Christine says, "I work mostly in small quilts and mixed media, along with hand knitted scarves and hand bags. I love working with     a skein of handspun art yarn, but am also having lots of fun now making 12 inch square art quilts."

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This post was written  by Barbara Wood of DownHome Designs, a Quiltsy member since 2008.


Selvage Quilter said...

What a good idea to get people making these shawls. The process of making them is comforting and the recipient enjoys the love and warmth too.

sallymanke said...

Wonderful cause. These shawls are a hug of warmth for the recipients. Christine you are a generous, loving person.

Kathy Kinsella said...

A great charity and a wonderful Etsy shop ... Thanks Christine!

teachpany said...

Great charity! I'm glad you found a cause you could support, and that it helps so many.

Gayle Pulley paintedquilts said...

Wonderful cause and such a pretty donation!

Stephanie Hateley said...

Wonderful cause and what a great idea. I love it when people think outside the box and start a new idea or charity where they see a need.

Chris V said...

Thanks all for your comments. The project has been personally rewarding as I meet the volunteers, staff and patients impacted by the work. The staff give about 20 - 25 shawls / afghans / quilts to new patients a month so the need is great.

Thanks to Barb for her diligence on getting photos right.

Lauren/CactusPenguin said...

What a wonderful story and cause! Thank you Christine for all of your time and effort!