Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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My quilt will be donated to the Hart Medical Center. This is a local nursing home facility that I like to support.
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I am a retired fine artist and we live near Lake Michigan. I took up quilting five and a half years ago when I retired from painting. I've been a member of the Quiltsy team for about four years now and my favorite quilt to make is always the quilt I am currently working on.

After earning a BFA, I spent over 30 years as a working artist selling my work through galleries and art fairs around the country.

But who ever heard of an artist who just worked in one medium?   Creativity always rolls out in every direction. To a lesser degree, I have worked in photography, and illustration. And now in recent years I have had the incredible pleasure of discovering a whole new fine art medium, quilting. My focus in painting has always been centered on the relationships of color and texture and form. Creating textile paintings by using a palette of unique fabrics adds another exciting dimension to the process of composition.

Color is my passion. And many of the colors that I love to use in my work reflect the fact that while I was born an American, I spent my formative years living in India and Africa. This background provided the opportunity to travel extensively around the world and has had a lasting effect on the visual world created in my art.

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Carol Ann Johnston
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teachpany said...

Wow, great quilt, and so nice to learn more about Sue!

Barbara Wood said...

Love the quilt, Sue! Someone is going to love wrapping up in it!

Phyllis Pharis said...

Wonderful, cheerful quilt that is sure to be greatly appreciated!

JM in Toronto said...

I've always liked the colors of autumn and your quilt makes me think of that season. The Hart Medical Center is lucky to get this!

Kathy Kinsella said...

Your quilts showcase your artistic talent ... I love what you do with fabric!

Sally said...

Love that you give to such a down home local cause. They are lucky to have such a generous, giving person in the community!