Saturday, March 19, 2016

Quiltsy Cares: Miranda Rosa from MyBitofWonder

Today the Quiltsy Team celebrates Miranda Rosa of MyBitofWonder. Miranda, from Truman, MN, is donating a quilt to a fundraiser for the Open Door Health Clinic (

Miranda chose this charity because it helps many people in her area who are uninsured or under-insured with their medical, dental and behavioral health issues. This organization holds a special place in Miranda's heart for personal and professional reasons.

"When I was younger and dumber," Miranda writes, "I really depended on the ODHC. And, since I work part-time as the coordinator for a non-traditional court program, called Drug Court, I am grateful for everything ODHC has done and still does for me and my community. Most often when an addict comes into our program they have no insurance and no ID to even get Medicaid. And, when they do get Medicaid, they often can't find a dentist who can help them with their dental issues from meth use. This clinic provides an important service for those folks and lots of others in the community."

The quilt Miranda is donating to the fundraiser is special to her because it is made from one of her favorite manufacturers, Art Gallery Fabrics. She chose a pretty basic star pattern as a way to showcase the design of the print.

"I'd share the star pattern with you," Miranda teases, "but I'm not known for using actual quilting patterns."

Miranda began quilting about 20 years ago when she was 16 and has been a member of the Quiltsy Team for about a year.

Miranda really loves improvisational quilting in her work for her Etsy shop.

"Maybe it's from my disdain for using patterns," she explains, "Or some deep-seeded authority issues, or being raised by a hippy artist, but I really love improvisational quilting. No two quilts, table runners, coasters or pot holders I make using this method are ever the same. You can't do it wrong!"

Miranda thanks the Quiltsy Team for all "their awesome guidance over the past year...and for doing this promotion!"

(More about Drug Court: In this program, felon addicts in the criminal justice system who would traditionally likely have gone to prison are give the structure, accountability, treatment and compassion they need in order to prevent new arrests, save tax dollars and create productive citizens of themselves. More information on drug court can be found at


Pamela said...

Thanks, Miranda! What a great way to give back to your community!

StephsQults said...

What an interesting blog post, fantastic charity to give to, well done.

Sally said...

Mirands...I feel a kindred spirit! (No patterns here either!). So glad you have a as a part of QUILTSY CARES with your generous donation to a worthy cause!

Sues said...

I can't follow a pattern either...way too many ideas floating around in my head getting in the way!! Lovely quilt and worthy cause. Way to go Miranda.

teachpany said...

Pretty quilt and great post! Thanks, Miranda!

Sharlee said...

Beautiful Miranda great gift!!!

Lauren said...

You have been a welcome addition to Quiltsy. Thank you so much for joining in with Quiltsy Cares with this bright, fun quilt!